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Brave Porcupine fends off hungry lions

What do you do when you are surrounded by 17 hungry lions?A brave porcupine made sure he did not become dinner for a pride of lions in the Londolozi Game Reserve last month. Filmed by wildlife guide, Lucien Beaumont the video shows the porcupine determinedly reversing his quills into any lion that attempted to tackle him.“If the porcupine manages to get close enough to a predator, it does not shoot its quills as many people may think,” says Beaumont on his blog.

Magoebaskloof Mountain Bike Classic 01.11.2014

Magoebaskloof Mountain Bike Classic 01.11.2014The Magoesbaskloof Mountain Bike Challenge came about after Gray Braadvedt and Rudi Viljoen sparked the brilliant idea of hosting a moutain biking event in the beautiful surrounding of the Limpopo province, an area spectacular with immaculate scenery and some of the most perfect bike trails within the country.Drawing in the community and opening up gateways to the local tourism and creating helpful benefits to local charities, the first event kicked off with great success.

Kruger Fires

The Kruger National Park (KNP) is currently experiencing four fast moving fires since Friday, 12 September 2014 due to the hot weather conditions in the area. A run-away fire jumped over the border on Friday from Mozambique into the KNP; burning areas south of Olifants River, Houtboschrand, N’wanetsi until Tshokwane; however it is now under control. Yesterday around lunch time, another fire came from one of our concession areas on the western side of the Park.


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