The Amarula Lapa

The Amarula Lapa is a promotional tasting and tourist visitor centre situated 10 km outside Phalaborwa. Amarula Cream, made from the fruit of the indigenous marula tree (also known as the 'marriage tree' or 'elephant tree'), dates back to 1989 and has since grown into a world leader among liqueurs.In February and March of every year, the marula trees bear the delicious fruit from which the vitamin-rich juice is collected for processing. Once the fruit has been gathered, mostly by the local inhabitants, the kernel is removed and the flesh crushed from the skin.The marula flesh is then fermented in a process similar to wine-making. After fermentation the marula wine is distilled in copper pot-stills. Maturation follows in small oak casks for about two years, the distillate is then enriched with pure marula extract and blended with the finest cream to create the silky-smooth tastes of Amarula Cream. Production tours are held from January to April only and must be prebooked. Entrance to Amarula Lapa is free. Open Monday to Saturday only. 


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